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Repairing Damaged Hair – Advice from Hair On Queenstown

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Repairing Damaged Hair

We often get asked about what to do to prevent damage, but what do you do if your hair is already damaged? Sometimes our hair can become dry and brittle, this can be because of over colouring, hair straightener, or a curling iron. Here are some things you can do to help restore your hair’s health after it’s already damaged.


1. Invest in some good products.

There are products out there designed to both protect your hair from damage, and to restore hair’s health after it’s already been damaged. Here are a few of our favorites.

Olaplex In-Salon Treatment
Described by industry publications as “the Holy Grail of hairdressing” and “the next miracle in science”, Olaplex is a unique, patented formulation that has taken the hair industry by storm.
Based on a single, active ingredient, Olaplex multiples bonds to make hair healthier and stronger, while helping colour last longer with more vibrancy.
Olaplex in-salon treatment is a two step process, it can be added into your colour service or can be done as a treatment when you have a blow dry or cut and blow dry. $40

We also have an Olaplex pre-shampoo treatment to use at home, visit us in salon for more information

Leave in treatment use after shampoo and conditioning, and can be used daily to refresh, add moisture and protect hair. This is a great all round product we recommend to all clients with 10 benefits, detangles hair, deeply hydrates, enhances and protects hair colour over time, controls frizz, improves styling hold, protects hair from heat, reduces drying time, gives hair body and volume, repairs and nourishes dry and damaged hair and prevents split ends, with all that it’s easy to see why it’s one of our best sellers. $12 & $39

Delorenzo Equilibrium
De Lorenzo’s Essential Treatment Equilibrium Masque contains chamomile, sea kelp, oat peptides and organic rosehip to deeply penetrate your hair, leaving them silky, soft and shiny. We love this product when used regularly it will help to restore moisture. $39

2. Be gentle with it.

Damaged hair is extra fragile. Avoid ripping through with a comb or brush. When you shampoo and condition try combing your conditioner through to the ends to smooth down the cutical. Squeeze and blot dry hair after shampoo and conditiodon’t, dont rub the hair with a towel. Be gentle as you comb out tangles and blow dry. Try to keep it brushed out and soft throughout the day.

3. Get a treatment.

If you feel like your hair products aren’t doing the trick, take it to the next level and ask for a hair treatment next time you get your hair done. Our in salon treatments start from $15 on top of your service Ask your stylist to recommend which would be best for you.

4. Get a haircut.

Sometimes hair is so damaged that it’s beyond repair. Hopefully, yours isn’t at this point, but if it is, the best thing to do is cut some of it off. Leaving those dead, broken ends will only encourage more splitting and breakage in your hair, not to mention make your hair look extra dry and brittle. Even a small haircut will help your hair feel softer and healthier.


5. Leave it alone

The best thing for damaged hair is just to leave it alone. Style it and apply heat to it as little as possible. Experiment with your natural texture, wear a lot of head wraps and hats, put it in a braid, do anything you can to give it a break and let it recover.